About us

Our Focus

“ForceSight was envisioned as an enabler for Small and Medium Businesses in the e-Commerce space. Our software solution is not at the centre of our Business; its our customers! Every advancement we make at the software front is with keeping the online seller in mind.

What are the problems that they are facing? What will make their job easier? What will help them grow? These are the questions we ideate on before we start planning a new feature.

We want to bring the best in technology to solve the most intricate of e-commerce problems.”

- Raja Chitharanjan CEO, ForceSight

Our Team

Raja Chitharanjan

CEO & Co-founder

Vellayan Lakshmanan

Co-founder & Tech Advisor

Pradeebun Sreedharan

Head of Growth

Vikram Manoharan

Head of Sales

Pradeep Sekar

Product Manager

Vinod Pasupathy

Engineering Manager

Vellesh Narayan

Investor & Advisor

Vellayan Subbiah

Investor & Advisor